About Us

We are a small family-operated farm in Central Texas. We began operations in 2013 and strive to provide a diverse group of wholesome products. We do not believe in use of pesticides, hormones, antibiotics for promotion of growth, and similar pollution of our food. Synthetic fertilizers provide a “quick fix” for growth of plants, but damage the soil in the long term. There are many natural ways to build up soil so that its productivity is on part with or is close to that of industrial growth methods that use synthetic chemicals extensively. Antibiotics for treatment of manifest illness is of course the humane course, but animals so treated cannot then be passed on to our customers. We believe that illness in the animals and plants will be minimized by providing a healthy, natural environment for them.

Why choose organic products?

  • The foods taste better!
  • No synthetic antibiotics, fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides.