Welcome to Leafy Creek Farm!

We are a small family-owned and operated farm in Central Texas that raises certified organic, certified grassfed beef cattle.
We have been Certified Organic by Natures International (www.naturesinternational.com) for crops since 2015 and for livestock born after mid-March 2018.
We are also certified Certified 100% Grass-fed by American Grassfed Association effective 2019. Please note that this certification standard includes rigorous animal welfare requirements, which we meet. We were certified Animal Welfare Approved and Grassfed by A Greener World from 2018 to 2020, when we stopped participating in their program so that we could show respect for two of the great traditional cultures of the world by offering meats prepared by the Kosher and perhaps in the future Halal traditional methods. We have changed nothing in the way we raise our cattle since relinquishing that certification.

Our Products for the 2019-2020 production year:

Grass-fed Beef cattle (Certified Organic and Certified 100% Grassfed).
Our first grassfed calves are finished and are scheduled to be processed early in June, 2020. The meat is aged about 2 weeks, so it will be available for sale in mid-June 2020. Some of these animals are also certified organic although there is no certified Organic processing plant in Texas so the meat will not be certified Organic. Delivery of bulk beef is available at no charge from Dallas to San Antonio including Austin. Individual cuts can be delivered in the Austin and San Antonio areas, or picked up in San Antonio. Please see more information about pricing and our grassfed beef and/or Sign up for farm visits, occasional emails, and access to our online order forms.
Hay (Certified Organic).
We have 4×5 ft net-wrapped rolls available now. These are WW B-Dahl Old World Bluestem. Cattle find this hay quite tasty, and sometimes prefer it to Coastal. We also have some Coastal hay. Please see here for pricing.
Pecans (Certified Organic). Mixed native and improved from the famous Central Texas pecan region. Delicious flavor and healthy too! No pesticides, fungicides, synthetic fertilizers, or other forbidden chemicals applied. Available in season for $6/lb in-shell.
Eggs (duck): Not available at this time. Predators have managed to penetrate the mechanical and electrical fences protecting the flock during the January part of winter, and we are suspending attempts to maintain a flock until we can overcome this problem.