How it works and what it costs

  • Local delivery in San Antonio and Austin. We will bring your order to your home in San Antonio and Austin because we are often in these areas anyway. By delivering to you, we can get to know each other so we can try to meet your needs better.
  • UPS Ground. $25 for 1-day delivery, $35 for 2-day delivery, $45 for 3-day delivery, with orders between 8 and 50 lbs. UPS delivers packages within 1 to 3 days almost everywhere in the Continental United States. We use restaurant-quality insulated shipping containers and enough dry ice and gel packs to ensure that your order will arrive frozen solid. Conventional guidelines say that your order is safe to eat as long as the meat is simply cold to the touch but we like your order to arrive frozen solid.
    Please contact us if you wish to discuss shipping options if you wish to order less than 8 lbs or more than 50 lbs.
  • UPS Air in CONUS. For a substantial fee, UPS can deliver overnight or within 2 days almost everywhere in the Continental United States. The cost, however, is so high that we suspect you will likely prefer to ship by Ground with lots of dry ice.

Shipping policies

  • Why do we need policies? As our business grows nationwide, we no longer have the luxury of meeting our customers face to face. This can lead to misunderstandings.
  • Responsibility for shipments. We are responsible for getting your order to the shipper (UPS currently) with enough dry ice to get the order to you frozen. We will refund your purchase price if the shipment is delayed through no fault of your own and it is not cold when it arrives. You are responsible for the shipment otherwise. This means that you are responsible for the purchase price if the address you provide is incorrect or you cannot receive the shipment in time as long as it was delivered or could have been delivered in time. You are responsible for additional UPS charges if you wish to redirect the shipment while it is en route.
  • Problems with the order. If the meat is not delivered frozen or cold to the touch, you must notify us immediately so that we can follow up with UPS. The volume UPS handles is enormous, and it is very difficult to get information if inquiries are not made immediately. If we sent the wrong items or items are missing, please let us know and we will make it right.
  • Cancellation.We will refund all of your purchase price if you cancel before we buy the dry ice to ship your order. We will refund all but the cost of the dry ice if we bought the dry ice but we have not delivered the shipment to the shipper (UPS currently). We will not refund any of the purchase price once we deliver your shipment to the shipper because it will then have been out of our control so we cannot restock the items you bought.
  • Legalese. By having us ship you our products, you hereby consent to resolving disputes by binding arbitration under the laws of the Great State of Texas. (If you think this provision is not reasonable, free free to let us know and we will consider revising it.)

Why shipping costs so much

  • Bottom line. Shipping is expensive. We are currently absorbing about $20 of the actual cost of shipping your order.
  • How businesses calculate the shipping charges you see. There are 3 ways to charge the customer for shipping: show the full cost separately, hide the shipping cost in the cost of each product, or hide part of the cost and show part of the cost. We have elected the first option for now. When you see "low cost" or "free" shipping but really high prices for individual products, the company is probably including shipping in the product price and is probably not making the fortune it appears they would be making.
  • What makes up the shipping charge The components of the shipping charge are
    1. The insulated box, which in pallet-load quantities costs about $14-$18 depending on the size. The boxes themselves are priced at $6-$10 but they are shipped by freight (read: 18-wheeler tractor-trailer) and that costs about $8/box in early 2021.
    2. Dry Ice. This costs about $1.00 to $1.50 per pound, depending on the source. If you buy it in bulk, it is about $0.50/lb but you have to go get it at a distribution center and it disappears (sublimates) over a few days so you get to use about half of it. If you buy it at a retail store, they pay the costs of sublimation but you pay for the fact that they are taking that risk.
      The dry ice sublimates at about 5 lb/day, so a 3-day shipment require 15 lb plus a safety margin to ensure that it arrives frozen. That amount of dry ice costs $15 to $22.50 in direct costs, plus the costs of driving to the source of the dry ice.
    3. Shipping. UPS Ground charges about $20-$35 for the size of boxes that hold 10-20 lb of frozen meat.
    4. Gel packs stay cold after the dry ice is gone, and can keep meat frozen for another 12-24 hours. We use about 6 to 10, at a cost of about $0.40 each.
    So the total cost of shipping a 3-day box is about $16 + $15-$23 + $30 + $3, or about $64-$72 depending on the cost of dry ice. 1-day delivery, with 5 lb dry ice, costs about $16 + $5-8 + $20 + $3, or about $44-$47.
  • Alternatives to shipping. You can pick up our meat in San Antonio at Sasha's European Food Market at 8093 Callaham Road near the junction of I10 and Loop 410, visit our farm in Central Texas (call or email us), or meet us in San Antonio or Austin. If you live outside these areas and choose to drive in, you will soon discover why UPS, the freight company, and the dry ice distributor charge as much as they do for their services!