The hay fields are mostly WW B-Dahl old-world bluestem, which is drought resistant, does not require much nitrogen fertilization, and is very palatable to cattle. We also have some Coastal, which requires more nitrogen fertilizer but also produces more hay when fertilized. We are currently using dairy manure for fertilization, and may use hydrolyzed fish in the future.

Currently available hay is from the 2018 crop year as described below. All bales are 4×5 ft net-wrapped. All Certified Organic

  • Good WW B-Dahl. To be harvested under irrigation during the summer of 2018. Should be good quality. Price pending our getting it harvested and quality-assessed.
  • Probably OK WW B-Dahl. Harvested June 2018. Includes a lot of green grass and about 10% residual old grass with little nutritional value.
  • Bedding quality. Harvested April 2018. Includes almost all mature B-Dahl grass from 2017. Probably cattle won’t eat it but it’s nice and dry and would make good bedding. Available cheap!