The hay fields are mostly WW B-Dahl old-world bluestem, which is drought resistant, does not require much nitrogen fertilization, and is very palatable to cattle. We also have some Coastal, which requires more nitrogen fertilizer but also produces more hay when fertilized. We are currently using dairy manure for fertilization, and may use hydrolyzed fish in the future.

Currently available hay is from the 2021 crop year as described below. All bales are 4×5 ft net-wrapped. All Certified Organic

  • Fair to Good WW B-Dahl and Coastal. Harvested during 2021. $85/bale, not including loading ($3/bale) and/or delivery (depends on distance). Like many people, we do not have enough hay. If you are more desperate than we are, contact us. We certainly plan to have more hay on hand this time next year as long as the pivot holds out!