The hay fields are mostly WW B-Dahl old-world bluestem, which is drought resistant, does not require much nitrogen fertilization, and is very palatable to cattle. We also have some Coastal, which requires more nitrogen fertilizer but also produces more hay when fertilized. We are currently using dairy manure for fertilization, and may use hydrolyzed fish in the future.

All bales are Certified Organic. Some are 4×5 ft net-wrapped, some are 4×6 ft net-wrapped. We are trying to find a square baler to make more people-manageable bales. Please let us know if you know of one!

  • As of Summer 2022, we have no hay. The temperatures have been above 100F since mid-May and we have had little rain. If this continues, we may not have enough hay for the winter to support a herd. Fortunately, mid-July brought some rain and the pivot seems to be working more or less again, so we will see.