Grass-fed Beef

We have a cow-calf operation in which the calves are kept with their mothers as long as possible. At this time, we are keeping the female offspring indefinitely. The male offspring become available for sale usually at one year of age.

As of May, 2018, there are no certified organic processing facilities in the state of Texas, despite growing consumer demand for certified organic beef. The closest suitable processing facilities are in Arkansas and Colorado, according to our wise and helpful consultants at ATTRA. Our cows and their offspring are fully free-range and are now eating certified organic hay. Their calves are now certified organic. Please let us know if you have suitable processing facilities!

As of June, 2018, we have found that many people want grass-fed beef but don’t care as much about organic certification. We applied for, and as of July 12, 2018 received, certification as a grass-fed beef, animal welfare approved operation. As part of this certification, we deliver the calves to an approved humane processing plant so that the customer can be confident that the animals were treated humanely from birth through processing.

New finding: grass-fed beef are actually good for the environment. The authoress notes that grass absorbs carbon dioxide and prevents erosion of soil by water, and that cows use little more water than does rice, convert plants into protein that is much more dense than does rice, and protect vital grasslands by preventing overgrowth by trees and bushes!