Welcome to the Leafy Creek Farm Blog

March 2019:

We are developing our website with more information about our Certified Grassfed, Certified Organic beef:

  1. Why beef is now thought to be Heart Healthy.
  2. Why grassfeeding beef now appears to reduce, not increase, greenhouse gases.

June 2018:

Since the last update, we found that growing vegetables requires more time than we have, raising small animals feeds the predators who like them just as much as we do, and that cattle can take care of themselves except when they are very young. So we are now raising beef cattle, and we check them every day to make sure they have lots of water, pasture grass that is tasty and plentiful, and shade in which to relax on hot days. During calving season, we watch even more carefully since new calves and their mommas can be bothered by hungry predators. As we talk about our new grassfed calf crop with friends and neighbors, we find that some people want to sign up now to make sure they can have a share when the calves mature. They notice that grassfed meat is in their grocery stores but it comes from as far away as Australia. They very much like the idea of buying their grassfed meat right here in the Great State of Texas!

February 2015:

On the 12th we received notice of Certified Transitional status from the Texas Department of Agriculture for vegetable products (and a small area of land for hay). Thus culminates an effort that began in July, 2013, and an initial application in late January, 2014. Patience pays! We have seedlings growing in our Certified greenhouse and are looking forward to planting in the soil after the estimated time of the last frost.