Our meats are now available at Sasha's European Food Market in San Antonio!

In August 2020, we began to supply Sasha's European Food Market in San Antonio with our individual beef cuts. Drop in and see the other wonderful foods, spices, books, and culture they provide the community!

Certified by the Real Organic Project

In June 2020, we were certified by the Real Organic Project. This means that we are located in the United States, are not a large corporation gaming the National Organic Program, and are what you are probably looking for: a small family-run farm that does things the right way.

We relinquished certification by A Greener World

In June 2020, we stopped participating in the program by A Greener World so that we could show respect for two of the great traditional cultures of the world by offering meats prepared by the Kosher and perhaps in the future Halal traditional methods. Leading authorities such as Dr. Temple Grandin have found that, properly done, kosher slaughter is humane. We have changed nothing in the way we raise our cattle since relinquishing that certification.

Certified 100% Grassfed Certified (including strict animal welfare requirement)

As of June 2019, we are certified 100% Grassfed Certified by The American Grassfed Association. This certification includes a strict animal welfare requirement, and covers the current calf crop.

Certified 100% Grassfed Certified / Animal Welfare Approved

As of July 2018, we are certified Animal Welfare Approved and 100% Grassfed Certified by A Greener World. This includes the current calf crop.

Certified Organic status achieved for crops and for beef cattle

As of December 2017, we are certified for both crops and beef cattle by Natures International. As of July 2020, all calves now in the herd are certified organic.

Certified Transitional status achieved

On February 12, 2015, we received notification that our vegetable products were Certified Transitional effective December 17, 2014. A small area of hay production was also certified; we applied for that to make sure we knew the procedures for hay. We plan to apply for Certified Organic status of the entire farm later this year.