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Typical Cuts in a Bulk Purchase of Half Beef

In a typical bulk order of half beef, depending on available inventory, you get:
  • flat iron steak: 1 steak totaling about 1.2 lb
  • mock tender (faux filet mignon, Petite tender, shoulder tender, chuck eye steak): 1 steak totaling about 1.2 lb
  • rib eye steak, bone in: 8 steaks totaling about 9.2 lb
  • rib eye steak, bone out: 3 steaks totaling about 3.5 lb
  • sirloin steak: 6 steaks totaling about 7.7 lb
  • steak, Filet mignon: 6 steaks totaling about 2.2 lb
  • strip steak (alias NY steak, Kansas steak), boneless: 6 steaks totaling about 4.2 lb
  • T-bone steak: 5 steaks totaling about 5.6 lb
  • all steaks: 36 packages totaling about 34.8 lbs, plus additional packages to make up the proportion shown in the Detail Table below.
  • roasts: 14 packages totaling about 53 lbs
  • brisket: 3 packages totaling about 12 lbs
  • ground beef: 92 packages totaling about 92 lbs

Detail Table of a TYPICAL Bulk Purchase of a half beef
Category of CutTotal pounds in CategoryPercent of Bulk PurchaseAverage price if purchased individually (average price per pound)
steaks42 lb21 %$820.62 ($19.38 / lb)
roasts53 lb27 %$598.24 ($11.28 / lb)
brisket12 lb6 %$130.20 ($10.65 / lb)
ground beef92 lb46 %$831.63 ($9.00 / lb)
Total weight: 199 lb100 %
Price of meat for individual cuts $2380.69. Bulk price of meat for half $2189. Discount 8%.
Delivery fee*: San Antonio $50, Austin $150, Dallas/Houston $350
*fee can be divided among multiple customers in the same area. Recruit your friends!
Delivery by UPS of bulk purchase is too expensive. 100 lb requires 5 boxes, each costing $95 to the coasts. Make a road trip to Texas and pick up your order here!
Optional categories, priced at the individual price when the cut you like is priced less than the bulk price:
inexpensive steaks9 lbbuyer's option$88.57 ($9.88 / lb)
organ meats7 lbbuyer's option$63.54 ($8.56 / lb)
stew meats26 lbbuyer's option$244.35 ($9.52 / lb)
short ribs10 lbbuyer's option$81.55 ($7.84 / lb)
knuckle bones4 lbbuyer's option$40.31 ($9.00 / lb)
other8 lbbuyer's option$70.52 ($8.77 / lb)


Cuts in each category with their individual pricing
Steakschuck eye steak (chuck tender) ($18/lb), flank steak ($15/lb), flank steak, tenderized ($15/lb), flat iron steak ($15/lb), hanging tender steak ($24/lb), inside skirt steak ($15/lb), mock tender (faux filet mignon, Petite tender, shoulder tender, chuck eye steak) ($18/lb), outside skirt steak ($15/lb), oyster steak ($15/lb), rib eye steak, bone in ($21.50/lb), rib eye steak, bone out ($23.50/lb), round steak ($10/lb), sirloin steak ($16/lb), sirloin tip (peeled knuckle, ball tip steak) roast ($15/lb), skirt steak ($15/lb), skirt steak, tenderized for fajita ($15/lb), steak, Filet mignon ($32/lb), strip steak (alias NY steak, Kansas steak), boneless ($20/lb), T-bone steak ($19/lb)
Roasts7-bone roast (not standing rib roast) ($12/lb), chuck roast, bone in ($9/lb), chuck roast, bone out ($11.50/lb), eye of round roast ($10/lb), flap meat roast ($9/lb), minute roast ($8/lb), Picanha Roast ($15/lb), pike's peak roast (heel of round roast) ($10/lb), round roast ($10/lb), rump roast ($9/lb), shoulder clod ($10/lb), shoulder roast ($11/lb), shoulder round roast ($11/lb), sirloin tip (peeled knuckle, ball tip steak) roast ($15/lb), standing rib roast (prime rib roast) ($30/lb), top blade roast ($11/lb), tri-tip roast (tritip roast) ($15/lb)
Inexpensive steaksflap steak ($9/lb), round (cutlet) steak, tenderized ($10/lb)
Organ meatsheart ($8.50/lb), kidney ($8/lb), liver ($8.50/lb), tongue ($9/lb)
Brisketbrisket, first cut (flat cut) ($11/lb), brisket, flat cut ($11/lb), brisket, second cut (point cut) ($9/lb), brisket, whole ($11/lb)
Stew meatsbeef for chili ($8/lb), Cheeks (for barbacoa) ($9/lb), marrow bones ($8/lb), osso bucco ($9.50/lb), ox tail ($12/lb), soup bones ($5.50/lb), stew meat ($10/lb), stew meat ($10/lb)
Short ribsback ribs ($6.50/lb), ribs: back ribs ($8/lb), ribs: short ribs, English style (1 or 2 long bones) ($8/lb), ribs: short ribs, flanken (Korean) style (several short bones) ($8/lb)
Ground beefground beef ($9/lb)
Knuckle bonesknuckle bones ($9/lb)
Otherground beef (2-lb bags) ($9/lb), tallow (fat) ($6/lb), tendon ($9/lb), tendon-inedible ($0/lb), testicles (fries) ($20/lb)