Price List of Beef Cut Inventory
If you do not see the cuts you want, give us a call at 325-330-2170. Many online sites have names that are not standard, such as "minute steak". We can help you find equivalent cuts in our inventory.
Cut Name Price/lb Average Package Weight Packages On Hand
7-bone roast$12 / lb2.8 lb3
brisket, whole$11 / lb3.7 lb2
chuck roast, bone out$11.50 / lb2.6 lb0
cutlet steak, tenderized$10 / lb1.6 lb9
flank steak$15 / lb1.2 lb4
ground beef$9 / lb1.0 lbmore than 100
heart$6 / lb2.9 lb0
kidney$5 / lb0.7 lb0
liver$5 / lb1.1 lb8
osso bucco$9.50 / lb2.0 lb0
ox tail$12 / lb2.5 lb0
rib eye steak, bone in$21.50 / lb1.0 lb4
rib eye steak, bone out$23.50 / lb0.7 lb2
rump roast$9 / lb2.7 lb0
short ribs, English (1 or 2 long bones)$8 / lb1.4 lb4
shoulder roast$11 / lb3.0 lb0
shoulder round roast$11 / lb2.9 lb0
sirloin steak$16 / lb1.0 lb12
skirt steak$15 / lb0.8 lb1
steak, Filet mignon$32 / lb0.3 lb12
stew meat$10 / lb1.1 lb0
Strip steak (alias NY steak, Kansas steak), boneless$20 / lb0.7 lb18
T-bone steak$19 / lb1.0 lb4
tongue$9 / lb2.0 lb0